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We offer coffee in Glass Jars in a variety of shapes & sizes

Advantages of glass jars:

Excellent product visibility
Glass is impermeable to gases and moisture vapor
Visually appealing
It keeps the product fresh without loss of aroma
It is 100% recyclable & reusable




Round,square,rectangular & other customizable shapes as per the requirement


PP lids in Round , square , rectangle & other customizable shapes & colours can be offered as per the requirement. The lids can be embossed with the brand logo,text,etc. with Shine,metallic or matte finish.

LABELS:The labelling on the jars can be done using :

Shrink labels
Front and back labels
Adhesive labels

The size,shape,lid & labels can be customised as required. The jars can be further packed in corrugated boxes or can be shrink wrapped on trays and palletized as well as per the requirements of the customer.

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